Farewell CSGO team.

After a successful year, Antic Esports' CSGO (Counter-Strike Global Offensive) gets to the end of their run with Antic Esports. The team, composed of Skullhunter, N1ghtraid, Rekonz, Damyo, Kookie, and Jinxx (who played for a short time under Antic Esports' banner), has played a total of 67 maps under the organization.

During their time with Antic Esports, the team has racked up a total of 6,021 kills and 5,990 deaths, with a K/D (Kill/Death) ratio of 1.01. They have played a total of 1,788 rounds, showcasing their skills and expertise in the game.

The team has been a consistent performer, impressing fans with their aggressive gameplay and tactical strategies. Their fans and supporters have been an integral part of their journey, supporting them through their highs and lows.

Despite the team's departure, Antic Esports remain proud of their achievements and wish them all the best in their future endeavors. The team has left a lasting impression on the CSGO community, the Antic Esports community and has inspired many upcoming players.

Antic Esports' CSGO team may be saying goodbye, but their legacy will continue to live on. Antic Esports will cherish the memories of their impressive gameplay and the camaraderie between the players. We wish them all the best in their future pursuits. They will always be part of the wolfpack! Farewell, Antic CSGO.

Last updated:
March 21, 2023