Farewell Rocket League team

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the departure of our Rocket League team from Antic Esports. It was a great run and a great first experience into the Rocket League scene. This isn’t the end of our Rocket League story, only the beginning. We plan to return to the scene in the future.

The Rocket League team joined us on the 7th of January 2022. From then until now we have competed in multiple RLCS splits and external tournaments. The biggest highlights of the team’s time at Antic Esports would have been achieving 1st place in the RLCS Winter Split closed qualifiers and achieving a consistent Top 16 status in the oceanic region.  

We have a few quotes from our staff:

Thank you so much to Zukoe, Delusion and Ssteve for everything they have done for Antic Esports.

Last updated:
May 13, 2022