Paranoia x Antic Merge

As 2021 ends and 2022 starts what better way to start off the new year than with a bang! This has been months in the making and finally Antic Esports is excited to reveal that we have merged with Paranoia Gaming to become one powerful organisation.
The Paranoia x Antic merger has introduced new teams for a variety of games, some of which were previous games of the organisation. The merger includes Paranoia's CSGO and Rainbow Six Siege rosters which include 5 players excluding the manager for each game. The Valorant team has been the highlight of the organisation, seeing players like omezG dropping aces, to the team clutching on icebox.

Valorant Team:

From the merger, we see some roster changes happening bringing in our former player warpaxy who previously left Nebula Esports after their Valorant team disbanded. Our current IGL is Mexcii and we are looking forward to seeing his hard work pay off this year. The roster includes Uniq, omezG, xMexcii and Warpaxy. In light of these new changes, we hope to see our Valorant team striving and working hard towards first place in the finals.

CSGO Team:

The CSGO team is one of our newest teams brought over from our merger with Paranoia. This team has the hard work and incentive to be amazing after winning LetsPlayLive's Season 3 Amateur League and we are looking forward to seeing this team perform at the top of their game next season. Each and every single player of this team brings out a new attribute which helps the team flow perfectly. From this merger, our new players are Manny, HAWX, Mingovi, Mercy and Minidoobia and they will be playing in LPL Evolution. We are looking forward to seeing these players not only win tournaments and leagues but grow as professional players and see their skills develop.

R6 Team:

The R6 team is also one of our newest teams which have been introduced by our merger with Paranoia. This team has proven its worth by winning LPL Evolution in the latest season and they have put in the effort and hard work to be the best in the league. From this merger, our new players are Aegizz, Skiv, Jasper, Kqrma, Schnapsidee and they will be playing in LetsPlayLive's Champions League. Our current IGL is Fakers and we can't wait to see him bring the right chemistry to the team. We are really looking forward to seeing the R6 team reach new heights.

The Merge forged between the organisations of Antic Esports, and Paranoia will bring about a more prosperous era for our communities as we become one. CEO Michael Watson (Protected Squid) gave a statement on the event and the resulting future of Antic Esports following the merge. “My view on the future of Antic is that we will become one of the top organisations globally and will be able to sign popular teams. I believe that Antic is well and truly committed to becoming a professional organisation and with the help of this merge with Paranoia, I believe we can accomplish great things. I can see us in 5 years competing in large scale LAN tournaments and playing against some of the top international teams.” This positive attitude is widely shared amongst members of both organisations. Our plans are ambitious, and our expectations, optimistic. We are very grateful to the members of Paranoia and as the two organisations come under the single banner of Antic Esports we are looking forward to what we can accomplish together.

As this article comes to an end I would like to that the reader and both communities for their amazing support throughtout 2021. Both organisations have had tough times and without either communities we would be nothing. Even though Paranoia Gaming's story comes to an end their story will still live on through Antic Esports and their legacy and history will continue way into the future.
Have a happy new year and make the most out of 2022!

Last updated:
January 1, 2022