Tournament Rules

1.   Team Information
1.1        Team Rosters
1.1.1      Substitutes
1.2       Riot ID’s
1.3       Roster Changers
1.4       Roster Locks
2.  Game-play Requirements
2.1       Information
2.2      Match Start Time
2.3      Minimum users / No Show / Forfeit
2.4     Player Substitutions
2.5      Users Leaving Early
2.6      Choosing Teams / Maps
2.7      Map Pool
2.8      Agent pool
3.  Match Environment
3.1       Graphical Settings
3.2      Sprites
3.3      Outside Application
4.  Exploits
4.1       Map Exploits
4.2     Illegal Boosting
4.3     Illegal Spike Plants
4.4     Illegal Defuses
4.5     Cheats / Hacking
5.  Server and Player Crashes
5.1        Server Setup
5.2       Server crashes
5.3       Player Dropout
5.4       Server Problems
6.  Coaches and Managers
6.1        Coaches
6.2       Managers
7.  Ruleset Changelog    

1 - Team Information

1.1- Team Rosters
Antic Esports requires all teams to have at least five players on their roster. Users may not compete on behalf of a team they are not on the roster for(exception for approved substitutes)Team captains must set a 'Core 5' of their team before the end of registration (failing to do will result in termination from the tournament). A minimum of three of the five core users are required to play the tournament which includes every game. Changes (excluding removal) to the core during the tournament will not be permitted. The minimum number of players that can be a part of the roster is 5, with 2 substituted, 1coach and 1 manager, 5 players must join the game, or they will be forced to forfeit.

1.1.1 - Substitutes
Each team is allowed up to 2 substitutes on their roster.
Entry fee covers;
5 core players
2 substitutes
1 Coach
1 Manager

1.2 - RIOT ID's
All Players must provide their RIOT ID to Antic Esports prior to the commencement of the event.
Players are not allowed to change their RIOT ID to reflect an alternate account, if it is found that a user has played matches on multiple accounts throughout the tournament, the team may be subject to forfeiting all matches played & all future matches remaining.

1.3 - Roster Changes
Valorant teams will require to play with their core 3 in every game. They are allowed additional substitutes along with the core 3.
Team captains must provide which players are a part of the 'Core 5' of their team before the end of registration via the registration link (failing to do so will result in termination from the league). A minimum of three of the five core users are required to play the event which includes every game. Changes to the core will not be permitted unless requested, and accepted by Antic Esports Event Organisers
Players who are brought in after the removal of a core member do not take that users core status, instead, they will be counted as a substitute.

1.4 - Roster Locks
Roster locks will be enforced from the team’s first game of the event
Example: Tournament starts on April 18, and the rosters first game is on April20 the Roster Lock would be enforced as of April 20.

2 - Game-play Requirements

2.1 - Information
Matches must be played on the Standard mode, with 2-round overtime. A match is completed when a winner is determined. All matches must be played out. Overtime is to be played.

Cheats are to be off unless directed otherwise by administrator.
Tournament mode is to be on.

2.2 - Match Start Time
A team will have fifteen (15) minutes past the starting time to get the minimum four required users into the match lobby. The match must commence within fifteen (15) minutes of the match starting time. Failure to start a match within fifteen minutes of the designated time may result in consequences. As such, it is recommended that you host and join the lobby fifteen (15) minutes prior to your scheduled match time where applicable.

2.3 - Minimum users / No Show / Forfeit
Teams must have a minimum of four eligible users in the lobby at the designated time of your match. If not, then the team who does not have 4 or more players will forfeit the series. In the event of a No Show / Forfeit, teams must provide sufficient proof (screenshot of empty lobby). If teams forfeit 2 or more games during a competition, they will be disqualified and will be unable to continue with the competition.
Matches must be entered as one / zero wins against the forfeiting team. The forfeiting team will be listed as a "Loss" for the match.

Matches may be paused for technical reasons once per half (5 minutes), per team.

Teams are allowed to call Tactical Timeouts (60 seconds) twice per map. Technical Timeouts must be called via the in-game pause system. In the event of overtime, each team will be granted an additional Timeout.

All pauses must be communicated in ALL CHAT and must specify the type of pause and the reason for this pause taking place.

Misuse of the pause system is strictly forbidden.

Breaking this rule will be reviewed by an administrator, penalties may include but are not limited to round loss, player bans and/or a match overturn depending on the severity.

2.4 - Player Substitutions
Teams are allowed to make substitutions of their eligible players at any point between maps. The player coming in must wait until the player he is replacing has left the lobby, having more than five players (excluding coaches) in a lobby at any time is strictly forbidden.

If a player swap is deemed malicious (i.e.; a player joins and sits in spectator before joining his/her team) the match may be overturned depending on severity.

Breaking this rule may result in a one match player ban.

2.5 - Users Leaving Early
All users are expected to remain in the server until the conclusion of the final round of the match. If an entire team leaves the server prior to the conclusion of the match, any remaining rounds will be forfeited, including the current unfinished round.

If teams wish to lodge a dispute over the fairness of a game due to either server lag / roster issues / potential cheaters they must remain in the game and lodged the dispute afterwards.

Breaking this rule will result in disqualification of the match, as well as possible removal from the competition.

2.6 - Choosing Teams / Maps
Teams in competitions will be using a VETO system to decide maps with seeding deciding sides. VETO for matches is done through the Discord match page, prior to the start of the game. The following VETO systems listed are used for Valorant. "Team A" is the first team who can veto.

Veto System best of one
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Only remaining map is the one to be played
Team A picks side Veto System best of three

The better-seeded team will decide if they are either Team A or Team B. Team A starts the process, and the map for the Match will be selected according to the following procedure:
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Team A picks map 1
Team B picks side for map 1
Team B picks map 2
Team A picks side for map 2
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Only remaining map will be played as map 3
Team A picks side for map 3

2.7 - Map Pool
Any new Map that is added to the competitive pool after the start date of the official tournament will be automatically restricted until the conclusion of that season.

Any official match that is played on a new Map match will be immediately reset and replayed.

*The Valorant Map Pool consists of Bind, Pearl, Ascent, Haven, Icebox, Breeze and Fracture.

2.8 - Agent pool
The Agent Pool will consist of the current Agents as of the 30th of September. Any New Agents will be automatically restricted for two weeks from their release on Competitive queue.

Example: Agent A was released on October 4, so Agent A will become eligible to be used in all Matches on October 18.

Any Agent(s) outside of the active Agent Pool used in official play during the restricted period will have that match subject to forfeit or overturn.

 3 - Match Environment

3.1 - Graphical Settings
If a player is found using any 3rd party/other applications/opengl32 files which alter the graphics in any way, it will result in the appropriate punishment via the administration team.

Breaking this rule will be considered a cheating offence, and will be handled accordingly.

3.2 - Sprites
All users are required to use default sprites and materials (users, maps, smoke, weapons, and crosshairs). If any player or team is caught using non-standard sprite during a tournament match or event, it will be considered an infringement of the rules and result in the appropriate punishment from the administration team.

Breaking this rule will start with an instant forfeit of series, and potential banning from the event.

3.3 - Outside Applications
Using outside applications to manipulate, change or alter Valorant gaming environment is a major offence. This will result in the immediate suspension/ban of a player and/or team and will be considered a cheating violation. users caught running 3rd party applications that alter the gaming environment will be punished. This will most likely lead to an instant banning for whole team.

4 - Exploits

4.1 - Map Exploits
The use of any exploits or map glitches is strictly forbidden. The administration team determines the following as either a map exploit or glitch: jumping to or standing on invisible (or unreasonably tiny) ledges, walls, or rooftops, and clipping. The use of such exploits will lead to the appropriate punishment from the Antic Esports administration panel.

4.2 - Illegal Boosting
Boosting via one user to an intended spot created by the map maker is allowed and encouraged. However, any form of two player boosting which results in clipping at any time during its process is not allowed.

4.3 - Illegal Spike Plants
It is illegal to plant the spike in places where it is impossible to defuse the spike. This includes places where an entity will block the spike or interrupt defuse attempts. Other illegal spike plants include:
* Floating Spike Plant - The spike must be planted on a flat surface, physically touching the ground or an intended entity within the bombsites/spike-sites specified plant zone. It is not acceptable to plant the spike on an object that can be moved or manipulated within the games.

4.4 - Illegal Defuses

At least half of the spike must be in view to be considered a legal defuse. It is illegal to complete a defuse through any solid object or entity if less than half of the spike can be seen by the defuser.

4.5 - Cheats / Hacking
Cheats / Hacking includes any unauthorised manipulation of server configurations and server variables, client configurations and client variables, models, skins, entities, textures, weapon, sounds, or anything else that subverts the Valorant Rules. Hacking includes but is not limited to wallhacks, aim bots / auto aimers, speed hacks, ESP, or any other third-party program which alters the game in a way that the game developer did not intend for.

Cheating/Hacking is not allowed and will result in a removal from the event.

 5 - Server and player crashes

5.1 - Server Setup
All matches must be played on the in-game Valorant servers.

5.2 - Server crashes
In the event that the server crashes while the game is live, If the game is within the first 3 rounds the game is then relived, resetting the scores back to 0-0.

5.3 - Player dropouts
Refer to section 2.5

5.4 - Server Problems
Should an issue arise regarding widespread connection problems to the server(e.g. lag) and an administrator acknowledges this, then the match may be paused, cancelled, rescheduled or continued. If there is no referee in game then both teams must agree that there is widespread connection problems(screenshot agreement), and both captains must agree to dispute the match.

It is requested that users attempt to play out their game for as long as possible before the widespread connection problems affect the game - if the problems persist, then file a dispute as stated.

If both teams do not agree that there are widespread connection issue at play, then the match is to played out and teams may dispute post-match. The administration team will review all relevant evidence to determine whether there were significant widespread connection issues. Rescheduling of matches will be done so through the communication of both team captains regarding their availability - matches for competitions must be played as soon as possible.  

6 - Coaches and Managers

6.1 - Coaches
The use of coaches is allowed; coaches are not allowed to play within matches unless an admin allows it. Coaches should be assigned the "Coach" role upon signups.

Coaches are only permitted to speak during Agent and Map selection, Timeouts, during half-time and in between maps.

Coaches must be connect to the Antic Esports Discord server before any official matches.

Coaches must record their POV with audio if they are present in the coaching slot, in the event that a match is disputed it is expected that the teams coach can provide evidence in their defence.

In the event of an emergency, coaches are permitted to replace a player in the server, however, players are not permitted to replace the coach role.

6.2 - Managers
The use of managers is allowed, managers however are not considered active members of the roster and will not be allowed in the server. Managers should be assigned the "Manager" role upon signups. Managers have the same responsibilities and abilities as team captains. 

7 – Ruleset Changelog
September 10th– Change to Section 6.1 ‘Coaches’