Valorant Academy Player

My name is Cody, a kid that grew up in south Queensland, On my 4th birthday my parents bought me an Xbox 360 and that's where my gaming journey began. I grew up playing most CODs and some other various games like Minecraft, battlefield and other entertaining games but I also enjoyed doing other activities outside gaming such as playing rugby, afl, riding my bike around the area, driving jetskis, driving quadbikes, bobcats, excavators. i also used to help out my dad with work sometimes. One of my greatest achievements would be that i went to represent Queensland for shotput and discus in states I placed 9th out of 16th sadly I didn't get into round 2 which you had to place 8th or lower but i gave it my best effort and that's all that matters to me. after begging for years my parents surprised me with a PC, monitor, mouse and keyboard on my 13th birthday. When i realized i enjoyed gaming so much I decided to see where it could go in the future, I started off with Fortnite and then moved to call of duty but i didnt really see anything happening with that. I found out there was a new FPS game coming out and wanted to see how i went with my first tactical 5v5 fps, I hit immortal in the first act and decided to keep going to see where i can go. A after a few years and after playing for various teams I realized I want to keep going. I put thousands of hours into aim trainers starting from Fortnite and i knew i could continue to get better. From this day I still aim train and look for possible ways to get better at what I'm doing and now I'm playing for Antic Esports and surrounded by a bunch of good people that want the same as i do and that's to be better than yesterday.