Valorant Academy Player

My name is Jake, I grew up in South QLD, Australia and got my first gaming device (Nintendo DS) when I was 6. I played games like Pokémon and Ratchet and Clank mainly where I eventually started speedrunning Pokémon and Ratchet and Clank when I got my PS2, this is why I became so competitive at such a young age, I wanted to win and be the best. When I was 12 I got my first speedrun world record on ratchet and clank and I was pretty happy at the time, shortly after this I quit speedrunning and my cousin got me into CSGO on my terrible laptop. Although I played on a school laptop and had at most 50FPS I still loved the game and wanted to improve, this is where I found my love for FPS games. I played CSGO casually but mainly played fortnite on my xbox, i absolutely loved fortnite when it was new and grinded to become a good player, I ended up getting a kill record in the mode "oneshot" being 35 kills at the time which was awesome, then I branched out into scrims and started to go to local lan events where i ended up winning around $4,000 in lans, and online tournaments such as the world cup qualifiers. While this was all happening I was still playing CSGO, but on a much better laptop, still 60hz sadly but it was fine for me. I played faceit and reached level 9 also achieving SMFC in ranked, I had a team on CSGO I played with but it was just a group of friends so nothing serious. Then Valorant was released and I played it in the very beginning, but decided CSGO was more fun and quit basically straight away. I decided to give Valorant a shot again in Episode 4 Act 1 and this is where I foudn my love for the game, I started off in silver 3 and got to platinum 1 in the same act, then I went a little inactive but when i came back, I returned very strong and hit immortal 1 straight away, then in the next act going straight to immortal 3 peaking around top 250 at the start of the act.
[7:48 PM]
This is when I decided I should find a team and focus more on pro play, I trialed for a couple teams but nothing really worked out until someone took a chance on me, this person is Effects, who I am still on Antic with to this day and he has been the only one since our original roster before Antic to stick around with me, we pushed through so many barriers and obstacles to get to where we are today and I am so glad to be in this team. I want to keep improving and move up the leagues, putting all my focus into pro play and not so much into ranked, I am dedicated and ready to win.

Extra Stuff About Me:
Absolutely love cars, building cars, and racing them
The beach is my favourite place to go, love cliff diving too
I broke many bones when I was young including my dominant arm but was lucky to have no permanent damage
My nose bleeds everyday without fail

Favourite Achievements:
Ratchet and Clank Speedrun world record
Pokémon Speedrun world record
Winning my first lan event (Fortnite) and making money from gaming for the first time
Getting SMFC and Faceit Level 9 on CSGO
Top 500 in the world for osu, and peak 7th in the world for the official osu relax (aim) server