James Devereaux

Chief Financials Officer

James 'EnderEclipz' Devereaux is the Founding Director and Chief Executive Officer of Antic Esports, a testament to his deep dedication to the world of gaming. His journey began in his youth, when a love for gaming took root. It wasn't until 2018 that he discovered the world of competitive gaming through Rainbow Six Siege.

Before founding Antic Esports, James was part of a friend's gaming clan called Evanant, or 'Eva' for short. However, he realized his passion for competitive gaming deserved a broader platform. So, he co-founded Antic Esports with a like-minded friend. November 2020 marked the birth of this ambitious venture. Since then, James has been passionate about the Esports community in the Oceania region, particularly in his homeland, New Zealand, where he resides.

Apart from competitive gaming, James pursues a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in computer science at the University of Auckland. His other interests include aviation, furthering his understanding of computer science, and graphic design/editing, all of which add layers to his multifaceted talents.

In the tapestry of James 'EnderEclipz' Devereaux's life, the threads of gaming, education, and creativity weave a compelling narrative, leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant landscape of Oceania's Esports scene. His relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering dedication stand as a beacon for enthusiasts and aspirants alike, illuminating the path toward a future where passion, skill, and innovation converge in the boundless arena of competitive gaming.