who we are

Antic Esports is a professional esports organization incorporated in the Oceanic region. Since its inception in November 2020, it has been actively involved in the Krunker, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League League of Legends, and the Counter Strike gaming scenes. Serving as a central hub, Antic Esports contracts, organizes, and empowers numerous professional players to compete in high-ranking tournaments under its banner. Despite its modest beginnings, the organization has grown significantly over the years, expanding its reach and influence. Antic Esports has established a strong foundation and a remarkable reputation for itself, owing largely to the dedication of its players and staff. The crew works diligently behind the scenes, managing social media accounts, coordinating teams, promoting the company, and ensuring Antic Esports' success. The company boasts a diverse workforce united by a shared passion for esports and gaming, which drives them towards achieving their common goal of making Antic Esports the best esports organization it can be.

our mission

Our overarching objective is to establish ourselves as the preeminent esports organization in the Oceanic region while concurrently expanding the esports ecosystem in the region. This will be accomplished by augmenting our teams and increasing our footprint. Our ultimate goal is to boost the esports landscape, expand opportunities for professional gamers, and deliver unparalleled content to our supporters. Our team and staff share an unwavering passion for esports, and with the unflagging support of our fans and the diligent work of our team, we believe we can become a force to be reckoned with. We strive to secure more teams from diverse games and compete in high-stakes tournaments to further our brand and progress Antic Esports. Collaborating with professionals and freelancers will enable us to elevate our company and simultaneously bolster the Oceanic region's esports community. Our unwavering commitment to advancing our organization and strengthening our team will allow us to establish a robust global presence, thereby transforming the Oceanic region's esports scene.


November 2020
Antic Esports is founded by EnderEclipz and ProtectedSquid,
July 2021
After a long time of inactiveness Antic Esports acquires a Valorant
team and they win their first game under the Antic banner playing
in Valorant Oceanic Tour open qualifier.
October 2021
Antic Esports acquires a Rainbow Six Siege team playing in
LetsPlayLive Evolution League. Antic's Valorant team win
1st place in their Evolution League group.
January 2022
Antic Esports merges with Australian Esports organisation
Paranoia Gaming. Antic acquires a Rocket League team.
Antic's R6 team is now Paranoia Gaming's old team and
they win the Benchwarmers Tournament.
February 2022
Antic Esports works on management behind the scenes.
Antic reaches the 500 followers milestone on twitter.
March 2022
Antic Esports acquires a CSGO team with our biggest
signing yet.

meet the team

James 'EnderEclipz' Devereaux

Chief Executive Officer
Can fly a plane. Likes to be creative. He makes the graphics for Antic.

Riley 'itsdevil' Denny

General Manager
Also GM at FeroxInd ;)

Eddy 'Zealia' Chow

Chief Marketing Officer
Likes to play league of legends. High ranked Osu player.

Travis 'SergeantBabyBlue' Nelson

Lead Social Media Manager
Is also on the corporate team!