Antic Esports parts way with Antic Valorant (Main) Team:

Today, we mark a significant moment in the history of Antic Esports as we formally bid farewell to our esteemed Valorant team. Over the span of nine months, this team's journey has been a testament to the spirit of perseverance, growth, and unwavering dedication. When they first joined Antic, they were a team vying for recognition in the LPL Evolution qualifiers. Little did we know that their arrival would mark the beginning of an inspiring transformation. In the recent season of LPL Challenger, our Valorant Main team demonstrated their mettle by securing an impressive third-place finish. They battled it out with some of the region's top-tier teams, leaving an indelible mark on the competitive landscape. Their journey was adorned with notable achievements, including a triumphant victory at LPL Evolution. These moments of glory were hard-earned through countless hours of practice and an unwavering commitment to their craft.Today, we take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to every player who contributed to this remarkable journey. Each of you played a crucial role in elevating Antic Esports to the upper echelons of the Oceania Valorant scene. In particular, we'd like to shine a spotlight on our most tenured members, Water, Snuf, and Clutchyy. Your dedication, leadership, and contributions have been the driving force behind our success. Your impact on Antic Esports will be remembered and celebrated.As we bid adieu to this chapter, we do so with immense pride and gratitude for the indomitable spirit exhibited by our Valorant Main team. While they may be departing from our roster, they leave behind a legacy that will continue to inspire us. We wish our former Valorant Main team continued success in their future endeavors. Your journey with Antic Esports has been an incredible one, and we look forward to the great things you will undoubtedly achieve.Thank you for being a part of our family, and for the unforgettable moments you've brought to Antic Esports.

Published on:
Oct 13, 2023 4:22 PM