Kunal Upreti
Trackmania Player

Kunal 'Spark' Upreti is a 19-year-old individual hailing from Delhi, India. He began his journey with Trackmania Nations Forever, an older game, in May 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic when he had ample free time from school. In December 2021, upon acquiring his new laptop, he transitioned to Trackmania 2020. Presently, he boasts approximately 1700 hours of gameplay in Trackmania 2020. What truly captivated Kunal about Trackmania was its straightforwardness, requiring only four buttons to play, and the high level of competitiveness it offered.

From the outset, Kunal nurtured a desire to partake in diverse competitions. In February 2022, he took part in his inaugural tournament, the Asia/Oceania Trackmania Championship (AOTC), securing the 7th position. Since then, he has participated in an impressive total of 30 tournaments. Engaging in the world tour circuit significantly contributed to his growth as a player, affording him the chance to face off against some of the most accomplished players in the game.

Among his noteworthy accomplishments, Kunal 'Spark' Upreti can proudly claim victory in his regional competition on two occasions, a 2nd place finish in AOTC, and even triumphing over a competitor, Solary.

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