Champions of the last ESL ANZ Main

In a thrilling conclusion to the last-ever ESL ANZ Main tournament, Antic Esports' CS2 team emerged as the undisputed champions, etching their names indelibly in the pages of esports history. Demonstrating remarkable skill and strategy, the team commenced their journey with a commanding performance on the first map, Ancient, showcasing their dominance early in the series.

The momentum, however, faced a momentary challenge on the second map, Anubis, where they engaged in a fiercely contested overtime battle against their worthy opponents, KZG. Despite the narrow loss in this intense match-up, Antic Esports' resilience and determination were far from diminished.

The decisive third map, Nuke, kept spectators in a state of heightened suspense, culminating in a masterful display of tactical prowess by Antic Esports. They clinched the map and the series with a convincing 13-8 victory, triumphing 2-1 over KZG in an exhilarating series.

This victory holds a particularly poignant significance, as it marks the end of an era for the ESL ANZ Main tournament, a prestigious event that will no longer be hosted after 2023. Antic Esports’ victory in this final edition not only cements their legacy within the competitive gaming community but also pays homage to the rich history of the tournament they now triumphantly conclude.

Published on:
Nov 16, 2023 2:30 PM