We book tickets to Taiwan!

The LCO team have earned their slot in the PCS playoffs in Taiwan through a hard-fought victory against Team Bliss taking the series 3 - 2. This sees us go to Taiwan after only entering the rift at the start of this split. Going to an overseas LAN with the LCO team is a monumentous moment for Antic Esports.
After an amazing start to the split going undefeatable against the team's we versed we hit a brick wall falling to Team Bliss in a BO2 series seeing us take our first loss in the 2024 LCO Split 1. From there we worked our way towards locking in a slot in the playoffs going almost flawless against the other teams.
A close game against Groundzero had us drop to the lower brackets in the LCO playoffs where we had 2 back-to-back games beating our opponents to 2 - 0 to send us to round 3 where we were up against Team Bliss for the second time this split. A daunting game for the team, however, we took the first game and the second game with ease. Going into the third game we lost our momentum and the fourth game went the same. All hope was looking to be lost as a reverse sweep was close to incoming, but the team finally pulled off a match 5 victory to book their slot in the PCS Playoffs in Taiwan.
An amazing effort from the team. I would like to thank the team, the coaches and the staff for all their hard work throughout the split to make this possible for Antic Esports, and I want to say a massive GGs to all the teams we versed along the way. We can't wait to represent the oceanic region in Taiwan!

Published on:
Mar 2, 2024 4:05 PM